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Since before the earthquake struck Haiti, Run 4 Haiti has been putting forth efforts to raise money for the people of Haiti. We recently began using the money raised to purchase these yellow cans (pictured at right) to filter their water as a permanent solution. So far, since 2011 when the first of the filters were distributed, that first village has had no more cholera outbreaks. Our solution works, and we need to reach out to any many villages as possible. 

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Our Mission

Why should I help?

Why don't you girls help your own people?

Don't they have enough by now?

If you're wondering these things, please read more for more questions and our answers. 

With the help and guidance of God, we hope to stop the cholera epidemic before it claims the lives of any more innocent people. Ingesting impure drinking water is not a practice many Americans have, but in Haiti, it is a different story.

Our annual Silent Auction dinner will be held on Feb. 15th, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm. Tickets are $20. Learn more!


A small, ready and willing group of the 2011 Run 4 Haiti team took a mission trip to Haiti to hand deliver the filters to those who needed them. They ate, slept and worked in the village of Hinche  for 5 days. It wasn't all work and no play. The girls were given the amazing opportunity to meet Haitian kids who were just like them, while learning a little of their culture. 


Meet Our Team

Sydney Cheek

2014 R4H Team Leader

3rd Year Member

Junior at Northwest Guilford High School

Kensey Davidson

Distribution delegate

4th Year Member

Senior at Northwest Guilford High School.

Shelby Newton

2013 Team Leader

2nd Year Member

Junior at Northwest Guilford High School